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Cherry & Almond Creme Fraiche Tart

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw cherries at the farmers market this weekend. I tasted a few just to make sure they didn't taste like they were too early in the season and they tasted great. I was almost hesitant to turn then into a tart since they were so good plain but I had my heart set on baking a dessert with seasonal fruit with some leftover creme fraiche, so a tart it became :)
I looked through my cookbooks to see if I could get inspired by anything and I saw an interesting take on a tart in Local Flavors cookbook by Deborah Madison. She has you make a batter like tart base which is almost like a cake with a creme fraiche & fruit filling inside. The original recipe used raspberries and had all purpose flour in the base but I decided to change it a bit and went with cherries and almond flour for the base. Almonds go very well with cherries, so I made it a triple whammy of almond in the tart with almond flour in the base, almond extract in the creme fraiche fill…

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