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Merguez, Chickpeas & Kale

I have not cooked in over three weeks now and this is a record for me in my adult life. I've been cooking almost everyday for over 15 years and to be honest, it's slightly disconcerting to not be in charge of cooking anymore.
I've recently started working full time again and unlike the last year when I was working full time and making homemade meals for both my husband and I, this year I've decided to not do it for the sake of my own sanity. It's really difficult to be out the house for the majority of the day and then find time to have both breakfast and dinner at home and find time to workout AND take care of all other chores. So I've decided to outsource my cooking. I found a meal delivery service that does both local and organic. It's honestly nothing to write home about (it's basically bland on bland), but it saves me time with the grocery shopping, cooking and the cleaning up. It's pretty nutritious (albeit not as nutritious or low-calorie as…

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