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Grilled Okra

I love okra and will eat it both crispy and slimy, without distinction. I only liked crispy okra as a kid though and these grilled okra pods come close to the char my mom used to get on them from stir frying in a wok. The original recipe had me brine the okra. I was intrigued by the idea of flavoring the okra from inside out but unfortunately it didn't work. I poked a ton of holes into each okra pod (such a tedious task....not to mention dangerous!) and yet the okra didn't taste anything like the brine nor did it take on the salt. I had to add salt off the grill to season it properly. But the advantage of grilling okra like this is that you don't really need a lot of flavors to make it stand out. Just add salt and you're good to go. The yogurt sauce is a pretty good accompaniment and since I grilled some Chile Yogurt Chicken  from my blog to serve alongside it, the yogurt went really well as a sauce for that as well. Recipe adapted from Food & Wine Make

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