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Eggplant with Ground Beef & Yogurt Sauce

I haven't eaten too many eggplants this summer and to rectify that, I've lined up a couple eggplant heavy dishes to cook this week. First up is this simple roasted eggplant with a crispy beef topping and a garlicky yogurt sauce (that I could honestly eat on its own).
I decided to top my eggplants with some cherry tomatoes that are so incredibly sweet & crunchy that I feel like I've been spoilt for cherry tomatoes forever now. These are called mini charm cherry tomatoes and I got them from Good Eggs, a bay area direct farmer grocery delivery service I frequently use.

The recipe came together pretty quickly since it was easy to multi task while the eggplants were roasting in the oven. With how little work that was put in, it tastes far more delicious than that! The eggplant gets all silky and contrasts well with the crispy beef topping. The cherry tomatoes provide a nice burst of sweetness and the garlicky salty yogurt sauce balances it all out.

Recipe adapted from Bon A…

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